magdalena król

lives and paints in Gdańsk. Her pictures focus on emotions, their influence of a man and tranferrability and translatability into the language of painting values. The way of her artistic articulation, subject to constant transformation, remains close to the streetart gesture, full of expressiveness and spontaneity. The exhibition at Sztuka Wyboru (11/2017) was another one within the set of exhibitions, initiated at Kolonia Artystów (01/2017 – an individual exhibition “Insomnia”) and set to conclude at the Shakespearean Theatre (06/2018).

Photo by Maciej Knaś


  • Kolonia Artystów, Gdansk | Insomnia
  • Sztuka Wyboru, Gdansk | The Garrison of Culture | Entr'acte
  • The Shakespearean Theatre in Gdansk | Point
  • Kolonia Artystów, Gdansk | Hang the artists every day | Stimulis
  • Galeria SalonAkademii, Warsaw | Living Room | group exhibition
  • 3 x KING | New Kolony, Gdansk | group exhibition
  • HALO culture | Wielkie Hallo, Gdynia | group exhibition
  • Sztuka Wyboru, Gdansk | The Garrison of Culture | group exhibition
  • Foundation of Palm, Gdansk | G.Grass | group exhibition

The novelty, as compared to the previous set, is the way of modelling the matter, in the stratified structure of her pictures, domineering in the current set.

The artist has seized the moment of the materialization of an image, which makes the faces appear in the fragility of their existence – their being is endangered, elusive and flickering.
The faces have therefore gained a crumb of ambiguity, their ostensible peace gives way for personal interpretation. A crude sketch is balanced by suggestive splashes of paint, embracing the canvas with sensual atmosphere.